Terms & Conditions

This agreement covers the terms & conditions related to purchase of any products and services from "Buy Retweets", through our website accessed via www.buy-retweets.com . Please make sure you read and understand all conditions before making any purchase with us

Purchase Agreement:

By providing retweets service we mean that we use a variety of advertisements & techniques, including but not limited to manual promotion to achieve desired results. We do not create fake accounts, we never spam others.

Order Completion:

We promise you that you will receive the ordered quantity of retweets at any situation. Time scales on your order are only an estimate, however we try to complete most orders much before the estimated time. There are lots of factors that are out our control, which might impact the estimated time frame.

Retweets / @Mentions:

Make sure you understand the difference between Retweets and @mentions on twitter. We provide only retweets service and not "@mentions". If you've placed order for @mentions and request for refund, we may not be in right position to help you if the order was processed for retweets service.

Third-Party Account Termination:

By purchasing our retweets services, you agree that any terminations of your third-party accounts as a result of using our services are at your own risk and in no way "www.buy-retweets.com" is responsible for the same. You understand that by using our services there is a possibility of risk attached with it. You accept all risk for this and we may not be held responsible for any terminations. While we take immense care and our methods are legitimate, you understand the possibility for this to happen now or in future.

Pricing - Currency & Exchange Rates:

Most of our packages are billed in USD - United States Dollars. If you are unsure of exchange rates, we recommend you locate relevant information before placing any order through our site.

Money-back Guarantee Policy:

You'll receive your money-back if we're unable to complete your order within + or - 2 business days from the time frame mentioned on our pricing/plans.

Privacy Policy:

We assure all your orders are secure and safe with us, you may check them in detail on our privacy policy page of our website.

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